Dr. Erin Pickwick may need to provide implant site development before you can receive a dental implant and replace your missing tooth. We will carefully examine the treatment site to determine the type of treatment that will meet your needs. Call Heritage Family Dentistry today at 678-226-4466 to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist and learn more about implant site development in Grayson, Georgia.

It is not uncommon for a tooth to be extracted due to infection or other damage. In many cases, the infection or damage may have caused bone loss in the area of the tooth. Similarly, if a tooth is extracted and not replaced shortly following extraction, the supporting bone tissue begins to resorb, or shrink. In either of these cases, implant site development is needed to prepare the area to receive an implant. In most cases, implant site development consists of a bone grafting procedure, such as a sinus lift or ridge augmentation, during which the supporting bone is supplemented to form a stable foundation for the implant and remaining natural teeth.

When you visit our office for your initial consultation, our dentist will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine if implant site developing is the right treatment for you. Your treatment will be carefully planned in order to provide you with the best possible long-term results for your smile and oral health.

To set up your consultation and find out more about implant site development, give us a call today!